The good folks that created Hello Kitty (who it turns out is not a cat! WHAT) also created Gudetama in 2013. Adorable yet terribly sad, the little egg yolk lost his shell and spends his time hoping someone out there would find him worthy enough to EAT!

Turns out Gudetama's dreams are finally coming true. Well, sort of. Hong Kong's popular restaurant Dim Sum Icon just launched a Gudetama themed dumpling that is not only edible but also fun to poke. But a cautionary heads up, if you poke the yellow bun too hard, Gudetama might just poop all over you! And joining the sad yolk, are other fun characters who are sure to brighten up your dinner table. There's a green monster that barfs, and a big round custard bun that thinks its okay to throw up all over a dinner table. Did we mention there are appetizers with happy faces too?

While biting into supposed poop or puke is not exactly most people's idea of a gourmand experience, we'll have you know that's delicious flavored custards masquerading as unsavory bodily functions. So go ahead and give your dim-sum a tight squeeze. Watch out for leaks though.