I know what I'm doing if I'm ever stuck overnight in Narita International Airport. I'm heading straight to Hotel 9 Hours, the new designer capsule hotel that boasts high class, compact luxury.

Unlike most other capsule hotels, this one is esthetically pleasing. Of course, like capsule hotels, where you'll be sleeping is tiny. Hence, capsule hotel. But this hotel is luxury. If your flight gets canceled, or you have an overnight layover, this is the place to go. The hotel is divided up between a men's wing and a women's wing. The lockers and showers are super clean. To help you relax, you can play the sounds of waves and water in your little space. The amenities are top quality and the shampoo was made in collaboration with a 100-year-old Japanese luxury brand. All this for about 50 dollars for nine hours.

The location is obviously the big deal here. Right in the middle of the two terminals, you can just walk up to customs and the gate.

And there is, of course, wi-fi available, if you need to watch youtube or send some emails. Or you can just take a shower, get in your capsule, turn the lights off and go to sleep.

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