In yet another collaboration within the Japanese snack world, Calbee, Japan's leading snack company, and Lotte, known for chewing gum and chocolate, have joined forces to produce a snack for shrimp chip lovin' chocolate lovers.

After discovering the recently produced Tobasco Soy Sauce, I found myself on an online hunt in the wee hours of the morning for more Japanese deliciousness. My stomach was growling. Within minutes, I discovered something I would have bought instantly if I were in Japan. "Kappa Ebisen" and "Ghana Chocolate," both put on the market in 1964, have come together after 50 years to delight Japanese snack fans with their genius combination.

Salty shrimp chips coated in sweet chocolate are now available in 7-Elevens all over Japan. All these collaborations makes me want to go to Japan for a week or two and go on a snack binge.