Park Ji Bin, who is best known for playing Geum Jan Di's little brother in Boys Over Flowers, is all grown up! In a photo recently posted by his friend, musical actor Kim Ho Young, Park Ji Bin is seen smiling and looking very stylish in a cafe with friends. He sure has made quite the transformation!

Not only is he older and very handsome, but you may be surprised to learn that Park Ji Bin already enlisted in the army back in May 2015! He decided to get his required military service out of the way early on in order to focus more on his acting career later. He is now 21 years old and nearing his discharge date. His time in the army sure has given him a more mature and manly look. Hopefully we'll be able to see him in more dramas soon!

In addition, here he is in his military uniform. 

Can you believe it's the same kid? Do you miss Boys Over Flowers? Share your thoughts below!