"Oh my gosh! This wrapping is so cute!" We've all heard this before from the excited and joyous voices of friends and family when opening presents. Fun, cute wrapping definitely makes the present-opening experience a little more special. Sometimes the wrapping is so nice, people open their presents as gently as they can, so as to not destroy the paper. With these new animal wrappers, you won't even want to open your present!

To make gift giving and receiving even more fun, Luckies, an internet retail company, has recently put out some very cute wrapping paper. When wrapping boxes, the thick paper gradually turns into a koala, penguin, tiger, elephant, and more with every fold, making it even fun for you when wrapping the gift. When all is said and done, your gift will no doubt be the one that makes your best friend excitedly yell out, "Oh my gosh! This wrapping is SO CUTE!"

There are 24 animals in the wrapping kit, and it sells for about 16 dollars. For those of you not so good with your hands, not to worry, as the kit comes with a little book of directions. If this stuff comes easy to you, you can even create your original animals!

Maybe a great idea for the holidays.

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