Girls' Generation Yoona and acoustic folk Indie band 10cm are teaming up for her first solo!

The Prime Minister and I actress is finally releasing her first solo single through SM’s music release project STATION. Her urban pop song titled "Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway" is scheduled to be released on music sites March 11. For her debut solo single, the Girls Generation member is complemented by 10cm’s guitarist Yoon Cheol Jong and the smooth vocals of Kwon Jung Yeol. The delightful single, which is about overcoming the superstition that a couple will break up if they stroll down Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway, will also feature an electric piano. 

Yoona's song is the fifth one to be released in the SM STATION series. She follows Taeyeon's "Rain," D.O. and  Yoo Young Jin's "Tell Me (What Is Love)," Yoon Mi Rae's "Because of You," and Eric Nam and Wendy's "Spring Love." SM Entertainment's STATION project promises to release one new single a week for an entire year, so this may be the first of many for the talented idol. I think it would be great if she joined forces with a YG artist or a 2PM member in the future.

 If Yoona were to collaborate with another recording artist this year, who would you want it be? 


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