Since they are under the same label, people can't seem to help but compare rookie group iKon to their senior group BIGBANG! Papa YG sat down for an interview regarding this matter and voiced his opinion.

"BIGBANG has worked diligently for the past 9 years to get to where they are today— to be a top global group. So you just can't compare them with iKon," he explained.

He did acknowledge the two groups' similarities by stating, "Yes, they both work under YG Entertainment and release self-composed music. " He added, "Although we're grateful for the great interest toward the two teams, the producers, fans, and members themselves feel uneasy with the comparisons. The comparisons and competitive atmosphere are unnecessary and not suitable."

To end the interview, Yang Hyun Suk expressed, "I hope that iKon works even harder now that they've debuted and walk the roads that their seniors have paved for them. But with that said, I also do not want to give them excess burden."

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