The Negotiator's high popularity has helped Yang Mi reclaim the top position in the index for the most popular actors in China. However, another highly anticipated drama may boost a strong contender for the coveted crown. Can you guess who it may be?

Yang Mi is definitely one of the most popular actresses right now, but trending popularity for any actor or celebrity is often swayed by which dramas are currently out in front of the public's eye and how they are performing with their viewership. Thanks to The Negotiator's popularity, Yang Mi's reputation as a ratings queen has been reaffirmed and she has soared to the top of the most popular actors' index in the past few weeks.

The latest index at the end of February also shows Zhao Liying (Princess Agents, The Mystic Nine) in second place, and Liu Hao Ran (Nirvana in Fire 2) in second place. Yang Mi's leading man, Huang Zitao (Tao), has also seen his popularity rise to propel him to fifth place overall.

But, there is strong competition on the horizon, with the launch of The Flame's Daughter, a new historical romantic drama.

Actress Dilraba Dilmurat gained strong recognition in the very popular Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and followed up with her starring role in The King's Woman. She is now headlining The Flame's Daughter, which is to be simulcast on DramaFever. The new martial arts romance also stars Vic Chou (Beauties in the Closet) as well as Zhang Bin Bin, the enigmatic king in The King's Woman.

The Flame's Daughter has been one of the most anticipated new dramas, and it's likely that Dilraba will get a boost in the popularity rankings.

Interestingly, Dilraba's agency is the one started and owned by Yang Mi. You could say Yang Mi is Dilraba's boss. At least their two dramas don't directly compete with each other, as one is a modern city romance and the other a martial arts romance.

Will Yang Mi retain the lead, or will Dilraba take over the top of the popularity index? We'll soon find out.


The Flame's Daughter - 烈火如歌

Starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhang Bin Bin (Vin Zhang)

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I've been enjoying watching The Negotiator, and I look forward to watching The Flame's Daughter. How about you?

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