Popular actor Yang Yang recently stunned fans when he revealed the unbearable pains he endured while filming the drama Love O2O. The romance comedy has emerged to be a smash hit for both Chinese and International viewers, but we'd have to ask, it it worth it to the young leading man for his sacrifices?

On screen, the charming Yang Yang, who is considered one of the top Chinese Flower Boys, made everything look easy whether he was romancing Zheng Shuang or jousting with rivals as a gamer or entrepreneur. 

However, his recent admission, as revealed in his autobiography, has stunned fans and shed a light on how young actors forget to take care of their health as they work hard to rise in the entertainment world.

While filming The Lost Tomb, an action and adventure drama series, Yang Yang often didn't use a stuntman and didn't know how to avoid injuries in many scenes. The perfectionist actor, a Virgo, would insist on repeating action and fighting scenes to achieve better effects. The result was that he suffered injures to his back, lower back, and legs. He also neglected to get necessary therapy and ended up with long-lasting damages.

To promote his next drama series, The Whirlwind Girl, Yang Yang participated in Divas Hit the Road 2, a reality travel show, and fell in a water-sports program.

Therefore, by the time he started filming The Whirlwind Girl, his health condition was at its worst with the accumulated multiple injuries, according to Yang Yang. The intense work schedule wore the young actor down, and he developed sudden deafness, known as "sudden sensorineural hearing loss". During that time, he would visit the hospital daily after work to receive IV infusion. By the time he was able to return home, he could only sleep for about 2 to 3 hours.

He next plunged into filming for new drama Love O2O, while he was still enduring back pains and sudden deafness.

He is such a professional, however, that viewers can't tell that the actor with a most charming smile was carrying such pressures and injuries.

Is it worth it to work so hard?

Yang Yang said he didn't complain and simply carried on, because "Only a soldier who aspires to be a general is a good soldier, and a good actor is one who aspires to be a star among actors."

Lest something is lost in the translation, what Yang Yang means is that he wants to do his best to achieve the best.

The handsome actor also discussed the term "Little Fresh Meat," which has been popularized by Chinese media to describe the top Chinese Flower Boys with Yang Yang being the prime example. 

He appreciates being highly regarded, and hopes that he will transform from "Little Fresh Meat" to "Red Braised Pork," the name of a famous Chinese dish made with pork that is slowly stewed in seasonings.

Yang Yang said, "I never doubt the firm belief I have for my expectations to achieve and become a better person."

At 25, Yang Yang has already become an award-winning actor who is recognized for his professionalism and talents. We wish the best for him to continue to achieve his dream.

If you haven't had a chance to watch the college romance, now is the time to binge because a happy ending is guaranteed.


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