Yao Chen, as the leading female of Divorce Lawyers, recently shot for Channel in Paris. She is called "The Princess of Right-side Face" (右脸小公主) by the photographers because in most of her pictures, she showed the right side of her face. During the interview, Yao said the following: "I like to be called so and I plan to stick to it. One one hand, it may be just my routine to show my right side face is better looking; on the other hand, the photographers like to make such requests so they can get better feelings." She also talked about her next film project.

Yao Chen said she liked to go to the grocery store and sometimes she liked to bargain for the prices. She rarely speaks English, but she loves old English movies. She actually is a big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Yao Chen revealed that her next film is about women's issues. She will be working with a top Korean director, but she didn't indicate who it would be. She said she was very looking forward to this cooperation experience.

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