We always say "Like mother, like daughter." When it came to Yao Chen, the leading actress of Divorce Lawyer, it is much more like mother, unlike son. 

As the top internet influencer in China, Yao Chen recently shot for OK! Lifestyle, showing her charisma with her wet hair style. She also got named as AskMen list of top females in 2015 as the only one actress from China. The question is this: What happens when AskMen veers away from a judge-solely-on-appearance list and instead comes up with a list of the 99 most outstanding females of 2015.

Well, unlike Yao's stunning hair style, she kind of teased her son on her Weibo for her's hair cut skills. She said on her weibo: "Son, as your mother, that is the only hair style I know how to cut. It certainly matches the global fashion standard!" A lot of her fans followed her comments, stating "There is a fashion called your mother thinking it is fashion", "What a skill of cutting so neat!" "Are you using a bowl to help with cutting?" 

Yao' s son's nickname is little potato. Her post of her son's new hair cut received over 120K "likes". Her fans certainly like mother, like son. 

Compared with Yao's magazine shooting in wet hair style, how do you think about her son's Chibi Maruko-chan style of hair cut?

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