Lunar New Year begins this Friday, and it ushers in the Year of the Dog. The upcoming year is supposed to symbolize happiness, so what better way to commemorate that feeling than taking a look at some celebrities posing with their adorable pets that are sure to bring a smile to your face!

1. IU

Over the years, IU has loved taking snapshots with tiny, toy like puppies. The My Mister star finally elevated to larger breeds last summer when she took a unique yet loving photo.

2. Ji Jin Hee

He co-starred with a dog in the 2009 series He Who Can't Marry. The press conference for that rom-com was one of the rare ones were a dog was part of the cast line-up. You can catch Ji Jin Hee without his furry sidekick in the sexy thriller, Misty.

3. Go Kyung Pyo

Last fall, the Cross star displayed his love for canines when he snuggled up to this beloved animal on social media. He was paired with man's best friend on the Channel A series Dog Papa.

4. SHINee's Key

The Lookout actor considers his two pets, CommeDes and Garçons, a part of his family and even opened an Instagram account for them. Check out their social media spot @commegalife.

5. BTS' V

Our Hwarang hearttrob kicked off 2018 with his boys and this new puppy, Yeontan. He recently posed for photos with the precious pooch, who was introduced to fans at the end of last year.

6. Kwak Dong Yeon

The Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds actor is an animal lover just like us. He snuggled up with this cutie last month and declared his love for the sweet dog on Instagram.

7. Kim So Hyun

She and Mongsuk are inseparable. The Ruler: Master of the Mask star's well-mannered pet follows her on set, and the pair take the cutest pictures together!

8. Kang So Ra

The popular actress' second source of happiness has to be her dogs Minki and Gomi. The Revolutionary Love star maintains her dream job and is welcomed home by these precious little ones.

9. Daniel Henney

The global star added to his family not too long ago. Mango received a new playmate named Roscoe, and the Dear My Friends actor has been sharing sweet photos of the furry pair anytime he gets the chance.

10. Ji Soo

The Fantastic actor has two dogs whose names are Gong Joo and Gap Soon, but he mainly likes to take solo snapshots with his dogs or videos in this case.

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These are a few of the many dog lovers who are apart of the South Korean entertainment industry. How will you be celebrating Year of the Dog?


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