He isn't growing up too fast.  Young actor Yeo Jin Goo is forced to take things slow when it comes to dating. On a recent episode of the KBS variety show Happy Together, the cute star told the MCs he didn't have a girlfriend and answered "yes" when they asked him if he had been "solo since birth".

“I go to an all-boys high school. So I can’t date," the 17 year-old said in response to their girlfriend inquiry.

He continued, "It’s not like I have never liked someone. It is just that kind of environment makes it hard for me to date.”

When he does start dating, he gushed about his dream girl. TheI Miss You actor is attracted to cheerful short girls who act cute.

Is he talking about you? If so, he is available! Yeo just proves that all actors don't have the opportunity to date extensively. Age and environments play a big role in dating. However, online dating has made the world a much smaller place. 

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