Yeo Jin Goo is flattered by all the attention noona has been giving him.

The Daebak actor was recently interviewed about his future roles in the entertainment industry. Specifically, they asked him if he desires to play in more romantic melodramas. Yeo joked and said he doesn't know if he is ready because he doesn't have the attractive qualities necessary for those roles yet. The 18-year-old even confessed that he found them "incredibly hard."

However, he was very direct when admitting which actress he would like to romance on screen next. It is none other than Miss Park Bo Young! "If I get a chance to act in a romantic melodrama... shouldn't it be with Park Bo Young noona? It was an honor for her to pick me first," he said. "Even if it's just for the sake of upholding manners, I feel like I have to do it with Park Bo Young noona. I think the fans want it too."

So, fangirling does pay off if it's between celebrities! The Oh My Ghostess star's gushing was not in vain, because it seems her dreams will come true sometime in the near future. It's very nice to see that he is grateful for her favoritism toward him. 

Would you like to see Yeo Jin Goo and Park Bo Young couple up in a TV or web drama?

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Allure Korea