Actor Yeo Jin Goo’s career has been maturing as rapidly as his voice did when he hit puberty. In his new pictorial “Velvet Night” for W Korea, his maturity is quite evident. Yeo displayed a confident aura as he posed with alcohol and cigarettes for the photo shoot. While the talented actor looked naturally poised in the pictures, he certainly did not feel so.

When he stepped into the bar in Belle-Essence Hotel in Seoul for “Velvet Night,” he laughed, asking, “Can I come in here? I feel weird.” He had just graduated from high school the day before.

Growing up in the entertainment business has forced Yeo to grow up more quickly than most.

“Ever since I was young, I've been surrounded by older people, and I haven't had many chances to meet up with peers my age,” Yeo said in his interview with the magazine. “I want to know what kind of thoughts other people my age have these days.”

While his international age may be 18, his Korean age is 20, the age considered to be an adult.

"It's true that many people have watched me grow. Isn't it better to grow into adulthood than to stay a child in the eyes of the audience?"  Yeo mused.

The fictional historical drama Daebak, his first drama as an adult, is sure to further depict his growth both as an actor and adult. Yeo wanted to tackle on his role as Young Jo, playing opposite actor Jang Geun Suk, as it is not an easy role, dealing with topics such as difficult family relationships and gambling.

Check out the rest of the pictorial below, and let us know what you think of it!

Source: W Korea / Translations via

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