Where has our little Yeo Jin Goo gone? The former child star is proving that he is all grown up in sexy and tough guy poses for the February issue of Asian magazine Dong Bang Yu Haeng (aka Eastern Trends). The 18-year-old hottie could easily be mistaken for a sizzling K-pop idol in the two photos the magazine recently released. In the photos, the Orange Marmalade star is seen showing off his chiseled chest underneath a gray sport coat and looking just as sexy in a blue jean shirt. Plus, his nonchalant, alluring expressions are absolutely priceless!

In Korean age, the Jungang University student turns twenty years old this year, which officially makes an adult. His exclusive interview with the publication touches on the subjects of his newfound freedom as an adult, as well as his responsibility as an actor. He even revealed that he is a theater major in college! It sounds like Yeo is embracing the entertainment industry as his lifelong passion. Fans can look forward to many more years of seeing Yeo's handsome face on-screen.

The hot young actor stars in the upcoming film Dokgo. He takes the lead role in the action movie based a webtoon about a boy who dies after becoming a victim of school violence and his twin avenging his death by breaking apart a gang. EXO's Baek Hyun also stars in the flick that is expected to be released this year.

What additional projects are you highly anticipating from Yeo Jin Goo in 2016?

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