What does Yeo Jin Goo look for in a girl? During the recent press conference for his upcoming supernatural KBS series Orange Marmalade, the young star finally described to the media who his dream girl would be. He assured everyone that his new role as  young and innocent Jung Jae Min would be realistic because he is inexperienced in real life. However, he does know what he wants in a lady.

“I’m still not that familiar with love. I’m quite inexperienced myself; I think I’ll be able to depict the innocent side [of my character]," he said.

Yeo had this to say when asked about his ideal girl: "In regards to physical appearance, I’m still looking for my ideal type. As for the personality, I personally fall more on the introverted side, so I would like her to be a bright person with aegyo and someone who laughs a lot. My ideal girlfriend would lift my mood whenever we are together.”

There you have it, ladies! Yeo is looking for an outgoing girl, and he has no preference when it comes to outward beauty yet. Are you the international girl who fits his ideal description?

He may not have found love in real life, but his love story with co-star Seolhyun begins on the small screen in Orange Marmalade on DramaFever on May 18.

Watch the latest trailer for Orange Marmalade:

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