How has Yeo Jin Goo embraced his first two years as an adult?

The Circle: Two Worlds Connected star turns 21 (Korean age) this year, so he is basking in his second year as an official adult in South Korea. He recently sat down for an interview to promote his upcoming film Warriors of the Dawn, which hits theaters on June 16. The young actor opened up about how responsible he is when it comes to alcohol and his current driving habits. 

Yeo Jin Goo kicked off the interview with this comedic statement, "I think I've had plenty of alcohol." Laughter filled the room as they got ready for an honest conversation about his life behind-the-scenes.

He prides himself on his incredibly safe driving! Since Yeo is still a rookie driver, his manager accompanies him on his rides around town. "I've done a lot of driving too. I'm still a beginner, but I go around with my manager in the passenger's seat. I've gone to filming for Warriors of the Dawn driving myself too. I don't know why I haven't gotten any calls for blind date meetings with girls. I think my friends go without me," Yeo explained.

He's also cautious when drinking around his elders.The heartthrob refuses to get drunk, especially in front of his seniors in the industry. "We had drinks on set if we had days where in between scenes, it would turn from one day to the next... This time, I learned a lot. Lee Jung Jae sunbaenim said I drink well, but it's not that. It's because I drank with my sunbaenims, so I was nervous," he openly admitted.

"Honestly, I can't drink well. Because I'm afraid of making a mistake, I'm always on guard when I drink. I act like I'm okay in front of my sunbaenims, but I've gone home on piggy back rides on my manager quite often. I think I just fall asleep. I haven't drank until I've gone completely overboard before yet."

His new film Warriors of the Dawn is about a prince ruling over a kingdom in place of his father who has fled the country to avoid a Japanese invasion. Lee Jung Jae and Kim Moo Yul also star. He may have to work on his driving and drinking skills, but you can watch Yeo Jin Goo doing what he does best every week in Circle: Two Worlds Connected here on DramaFever. Get ready for a supernatural ride the next few months because episode 1 premiered yesterday! 

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