Yeo Jin Goo's man crush is better than yours!

Recently, the Daebak actor was interviewed by MBC's Section TV, and the topic of he and Park Bo Gum's close friendship became a hot topic. The two buddies even sent each other gifts to their drama filming sets. Whenever they meet up, they talk about starring in a future production together. 

"We're just in an older brother and younger brother relationship right now . . . Whenever we get in contact with each other, we say that we should try being in a production together sometime." 

Yeo must have been slightly jealous of the amazing chemistry Park and his co-stars had in Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds, because he thinks they need their own bromance too! When asked what type of film genre he would like himself and the 23-year-old Hallyu actor to star, in he laughed and said, "Because Park Bo Gum is so good at melodramas . . . Bromance?"

The 19-year-old star seems very devoted to his hyungs. The fact that he wants to act in a production with one of his dear friends means he wants to give his fans the best production possible. A cast with great chemistry is bound to produce a stellar K-drama/movie!

What type of TV drama or movie would you love to see Yeo Jin Goo and Park Bo Gum collaborate in? 


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Starring Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung

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