Actress Yeo Min Jeong did more than just walk the red carpet -- she ended up suffering a huge wardrobe malfunction. On July 18th, at the Puchon International Fantastic film Awards, Yeo Min Jeong walked the red carpet half of her dress was missing from her body. Wearing a purple and multi-colored sequin gown with a slit so high it showed off her black underwear, it seemed a strap of her dress popped. Then, almost the entire top of her gown folded over to expose half of her chest, which was covered in flesh colored fabric. Netizens of course believe she did it on purpose for attention, saying as much on various social platforms. I'm not sure if she did it on purpose or not, however I will say her dress in general was not as classy as it could have been, compared to what some of the other actresses who attended that night wore.




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