girlsday_wide-800x450 Looks like Girl's Day has set the blogosphere abuzz once again, with the announcement that new music should be expected within the month! Being dubbed a comeback -- even though they released music just three months ago, March's Expectation -- their last musical effort remains on the chart. But what's everyone really talking about? Hyeri + Tony An! “Honestly, after their dating news broke out, Hyeri has risen in popularity but her individual activities haven’t increased,” Dream Tea Entertainment said. “The team name has been receiving more public recognition so they have been getting a lot more event invitations. They performed at over 40 different festivals last month. Her dating became a favorable factor." So why the sudden surge in interest? “We think the group’s sudden rise in popularity is a combination of their good songs, point dances, and the dating news. We haven’t asked Hyeri directly about Tony An but the other members seem to be welcoming about it as well.”