A netizen claimed to spot G-Dragon and his rumored girlfriend Kiko Mizuhara at the Shilla Hotel today. When photos of him with his upscale Lamborghini vehicle outside the hotel were uploaded on a message board online, his agency intervened and supplied an explanation.

"The photos on the Internet right now are of G-Dragon and his car. However, we don′t know [the exact] date the photo was taken," a representative of YG told Entertainment told Newsen. "Also, it is not known if Kiko accompanied him."

While YGE investigates the matter further, fans are eager to know the truth behind the images since the "Michi Go" singer and the Attack on Titan actress have been rumored to be in a relationship since 2010. 

Neither one of the stars ever confirmed their relationship, but the public is still very curious about their love lives. 

Big Bang is currently preparing for their September comeback with the new album titled Made. G-Dragon and T.O.P have recorded a song for the "E" series in the album, which will hit stores on August 5.

What do you think the car photos are all about? Do you believe they have anything to do with G-Dragon and Kiko meeting?

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