Choi Ji Woo's is living drama fans' fantasy!

In March, the Like For Likes actress embarked on the dreamy noona romance of a lifetime when she married a businessman 9 years her junior. Her agency, YG Entertainment, dispelled any previous rumors plaguing the newlyweds and shared the wonderful facts.

"As reported, Choi Ji Woo's husband is 9 years her junior and is the CEO of a company for the mobile application O2O," they explained. "The reason her husband's identity was kept hidden is because it could've been a burden to each other if details caused preconceptions in terms of business dealings and other matters."

YGE added, "Choi Ji Woo and her husband are living a happy life as newlyweds, and they're both devoted to family and work. Please understand Choi Ji Woo's considerate intentions for her husband and family, and we request unfounded speculations are no longer made."

The 43 year-old beauty wed Mr. Seo in a private ceremony on March 29. Photos of her looking like a vision in white were shared shortly after the wedding. Her last project pre-marriage was the 2017 tvN mini-series The Most Beautiful Goodbye, and she was a cast member on the variety program Candy in my Ears - Season 2 the same year.

Congratulations once again to the happy couple! Are you hoping she formally introduces her husband to fans in the near future?

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