Some good news for anyone who's in the market for a celebrity boyfriend/girlfriend. After repeated stories of celebrity hook-ups over the past few weeks, we finally have word that one speculation was FALSE FALSE FALSE...for now. Earlier in the week, photos surfaced of G-Dragon and model/actress Mizuhara Kiko in Phuket. In a bizarre statement, YG Entertainment stated that each member of BIGBANG had two to three days off and during that time, and G-Dragon could have gone to Phuket, but they don't know. We're expected to believe that? Fine, okay, maybe. But the one rumor they definitely quashed was the one about GD's love life.  When pressed about his relationship to Mizuhara Kiko, YG Entertainment swiftly stated, "They're not dating."  The alleged picture that first got everyone talking: Do you believe the rumors that they vacationed together in Phuket?