A reporter who wrote damaging articles about YG may have to pay close to $200,000. The negative articles, with one written as recently as July 1, were about CEO Yang Hyun Suk and suspicions about an alleged past drug scandal. Now they are the focus of a high-profile court case. YG Entertainment is suing the reporter identified as K from a sports media news outlet for two cases of libel totaling around $169,000.

The reporter is arguing that they are being unfairly targeted for his articles: “The article that YG pointed out from last month is mainly about asking prosecutors for a detailed investigation into YG, but instead of seeing the whole picture of the article, they are taking a single sentence and taking issue with that," K's representative said.

Big Bang's Seung Ri and an employee have filed their own cases of defamation against the same reporter for articles about rumored drunk driving and personal court cases made public. 

Seung Ri's car accident last year was because of speeding, but in the article, K gave the impression it was drunk driving, while the YG employee had a case against the Seoul Regional Military Manpower office that should have never been made public news. In turn, the Big Bang member is suing K for approximately $42,000, and the employee is suing for about $25,000.

K's representative refuted the claims with this statement: “Before Seung Ri was in the car accident, he was at a party. [The reporter] heard from an acquaintance of Seungri’s at the party that they had had drinks together and was simply in his way collecting evidence and presenting a side.”

Personally, I think the reporter should have checked with the agency before starting vicious rumors about such a well-known and beloved entertainment agency. Those rumors not only hurt, but they are damaging to their character. What is your opinion of the lawsuits?

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