yg_leehi YG Entertainment is gearing up for Lee Hi's comeback with a large-scale promotional prop. On top of the YG Entertainment building is a gigantic blue teddy bear balloon that has "I ♥ HI" written on its shirt. This is yet another unique and fun promotion created by YG Entertainment as they prepare for Lee Hi's comeback. A representative of YG revealed that Lee Hi had named this bear "bearbear," which can also be read as "carefully." Bearbear will also appear in Lee Hi's music video for her first album's title track, "It's Over." They said that the bear represents Lee Hi's adorable image, and so they decided to bring the bear to life on a much bigger scale. Lee Hi's first official album, First Love, will include jazz and rhythm and blues tracks, shining light on her soulful, alto vocal tone. First Love will be released online on March 7th, and it will appear in stores on the 21st. Are you excited? (Source: www.news.nate.com)