Akdong Musician plans to return to the K-Pop scene with new music and a slight makeover.

Their agency, YG Entertainment, told the media today that the young idols are planning a May 2 comeback. “Akdong Musician is putting on the final touches for a May 2 comeback. You can expect a good album and title track, " a YG source stated. The K-Pop Star 2 winners are currently filming two music videos to promote their second album. This new project comes two years after their popular debut album Play hit stores in April 2014.

In addition to the exciting new tunes coming music lovers way, member Suhyun has lost 15 lbs for the comeback by exercising and eating special meals. A YG representative explained the reason for her vegetable-based diet, stating, "She was never the style to gain weight, so no one in the company advised our cute maknae to diet. She personally had a strong will to reduce her weight, devoting herself to the utmost to her upcoming comeback." 

Suhun's brother Chanhyuk plans to serve his mandatory military service shortly after they wrap up promotions for the new album. 

Are you excited for Akdong Musician's comeback?


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