jisoo YG Entertainment has taken steps to protect the innocence and natural beauty of its up-and-coming girl group. YG said that it has banned the members from undergoing plastic surgery. A contract has been signed between the members and the agency stipulating that the girls avoid cosmetic surgery. YG has been revealing the new members of the girl group that is yet to make their debut, and last week they released a picture of Kim Ji Soo on their website. The agency stressed that, "as she is a still a kid, we thought it was best to portray her as she is, without being made up." Other photos show her with a bit of makeup: kim-jisoo tumblr_mgvtsziONy1rw3gk3o1_1280 Is asking members to not have plastic surgery a healthy sign, or does does this contract infringe on members' freedom? (Source: www.koreajoongangdaily.joinsmsn.com)