Actor and K-pop rock idol Jung Yong Hwa is now adding "radio DJ" to his resume! Yong Hwa recently started a music channel on a free app called Beat. Through his channel, Yong Hwa not only shares songs from his band CNBLUE; but he's also sharing music from his personal playlist.

The channel launched on October 13 and already accumulated 10,000 followers who have been said to listen to his channel for an average of 56 minutes, which is "very high," according to a representative for the app. Now this isn't a daily show; instead Yong Hwa will be airing new episodes and introducing new music every two to three weeks.

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Now I did try and look up the app so I could be the 10,001st follower, but that was a fail. However! I did not give up, and I ended up finding not only the first episode of his show, but also the English translations of what Yong Hwa was talking about between songs. Listening to it was really awesome because Yong Hwa has a sexy and soothing speaking voice, and you will strangely feel a little more connected to him by listening to the songs he personally likes. 

You can listen to the first episode by clicking here, and you can view the episode playlist and English translations by clicking here. Happy listening!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE