Yong Hwa

I could watch this video a million times, and I've probably already watched it like a thousand times because it's so funny! Ok, so let me set it all up for you so you know what's going on. All right, so, 2PM's Wooyoung was I guess talking about his role in Dream High. I'm not 100% sure since I haven't seen this particular show, but I'm assuming it is since I know for a fact that was his line in the drama. His character Jason was from America, and so he would have random moments of English throughout the drama. Well, "Is it my turn already?" was during the audition scene, remember?! So Wooyoung shows off his English skills for the audience in this clip, and then it's Yong Hwa's turn to repeat the line. With the background music, Yong Hwa's preparation with his eyes all cast down, his look of total focus, you're like "Yeah, Yong Hwa get it!! Say that line better than Wooyoung!" But then, well, I'll just say I have turtles on my mind. Watch the video below and you'll understand! Who do you think says it better, Yong Hwa or Wooyoung?