Action, adventure and a dashing young nerd dressed in glasses and suspenders. No need to worry, dear Clients — you haven’t been transported to Metropolis by mistake. Our money hungry resident still safely resides in Seoul — though we must admit, he is a tad bit reckless in the face of danger. Join Caroline, Wendilynn, and Firnlambe as they bring you up to speed from episodes 3 & 4 of Yong Pal and divulge the latest secrets from level 12.

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Wendilynn: I vote that we change our boy’s name to Clark Kent. He’s even got nerdy glasses and a trendy new wardrobe. Was anyone else sort of snickering at the shock of the older doctors to his new assignment? Upset were they to lose their genius surgeon who took on the hard cases they didn’t have the skill to finish? He saved their butts so many times and all they could do was sneer at him.

Caroline: The professors definitely felt a type of way when they found out about the 12th floor. Have to admit though, I laughed because they’re going to have to fend for themselves now that he won’t be called the rescue their bleeders.

Firnlambe: I thoroughly enjoyed it when Tae Hyun took extreme liberties with the head resident after his makeover. He knows he has to at least maintain the appearance that he chose to go upstairs on his own accord. I really felt bad that everyone but the bitchy nurse avoided him like the plague.

Wendilynn: The head nurse knows whats up because they were able to save that nameless patient. So she knows its all an act. I actually felt a little wistful as I watched Tae Hyun fence with the head resident who is literally in the same boat status wise. If Tae Hyun wasn’t forced to pretend to be this money hungry doctor who is easy to control, I bet you they would get along really well. They both actually care for their patients. When Tae Hyun hit the wall for being so immature I couldn’t help but agree with him. He allowed his irritation at being misunderstood to attack someone who didn’t really deserve it.

Firnlambe: //pouts// it was still funny though . . .

Caroline: Speaking of Nurses, what’s up with the one in charge of Yeo Jin?

Firnlambe: You mean creeper McCreepysen?

Wendilynn: LOL! Psycho nurse with an unhealthy obsession for her patient? I’m glad I wasn’t the only one creeped out by her. I understood why she had to eat each meal. But to face the girl lying in a coma and watch while you ate? what the hell?!! Its almost like the nurse was living vicariously through her as the chairman’s daughter.

Caroline: I wonder why she pushed the wine glass off the table . . . I mean, is it supposed to prove that Yeo Jin has emotional issues and tends to rage by throwing wine glasses on the carpet? Am I reading too much into this? I was also surprised how she was quick to tell Tae Hyun who’s boss when he questioned Yeo Jin’s condition.

Firnlambe: I personally thought the glass falling was simply an accident and given what we’ve seen of her personality I was not even maybe surprised by how quickly she enforced the hierarchy.

Wendilynn: I admit I was a little surprised at how superior she was. You’d think there would be some sense of comradeship. A little, “we’re all in this lie together” sort of thing. Nope. When Yeo Jin talked about how she wanted to kill everyone who kept her prisoner, I was like, “you and me both, lady”. lol

Caroline: I thought it was awesome how she didn’t mark Tae Hyun as one of the them even though he did stop her from the attempted suicide. I figure the story is only going to become more interesting as they discover their general backstories. Like how she’s the VVIP that made the doctor run while his mother died … Intense Stuff (^____^) lol.

Firnlambe: When that truth comes out (I love that we consider it truth when--in actuality it’s still just a theory) . . . when that truth comes out I will not be happy. I can picture Tae Hyun’s face now . . . and I disapprove! We already had to see him get all sentimental while watching the children play in peaceful ignorance and seeing all the regular patients go about their business unaware of the terrible danger they were in, and the pained, yet determined look he had was more than enough for me.

Wendilynn: Yeah, watching him have to decide between saving his sister and saving everyone else was sort of hard to watch. But before we get to that, I want to talk about the glass room. I for one, was fascinated by how they chose to depict how Yeo Jin is trapped in the coma. How she is aware of her surroundings and how she is able to learn about the people around her.

Caroline: Casually flashing the flashlight at her eyes lights up her never ending abyss of loneliness . . . Sigh . . . Such Romance.

Firnlambe: I enjoyed this as well . . but probably not nearly as much as I enjoyed the fact that her drug supply was cut off by mistake and she totally took advantage of it. I am so excited to see exactly how she plans hiding her awakening and watching how she utilizes the fact that only Tae Hyun knows she’s woken up.

Wendilynn: THAT’S going to be interesting to be sure. I wonder how they are going to play that? I expect that he becomes a double agent of sorts. He suspects that she’s really awake and that the coma is forced. To have her talk to him, shocked him and the audience. And after the nuclear scare, did he really need another one?

Caroline: He already knew it was forced, but I don’t think he expected her to wake up and offer to pay for his stuff too . . .

Firnlambe: I wasn’t expecting her to wake up. But getting back to the nuclear scare. I’m hoping Tae Hyun’s brash heroism will earn him the loyalty from the chief of security. I foresee that may be useful down the line.

Wendilynn: I think that Tae Hyun is going to be finding himself with all sorts of “helpers” as time goes on. I had to laugh when the Boss gangster found him. That was amusing. I also loved it when he punched the rape dude for traumatizing a girl so badly that she almost killed his sister.

Firnlambe: I was also impressed that the gangsters were honestly impressed by his ability to punch. It was like he passed an unspoken test and they made him an honorary brother right then and there lol.

Wendilynn: Yes, I think the Boss gangster has set his sights on our young hero. We’ve also got the CEO’s wife trying to blackmail him into helping her protect, or at least get to, Yeo Jin. This boy is all sorts of popular at the moment. Also, my estimation of our girl who is in charge of sales on level 12 went up. I don’t think she’s as crooked as I assumed she was. If she was the self-interested type, she would have never gone back to the hospital during the reactor scare.

Firnlambe: Agreed, she’s a good girl at heart. I’m glad the writers didn’t make her this horrid person they were hinting at. She may not always make the best choices when it comes to the patient’s of level 12, but when push comes to shove she knows what’s best for the hospital as a whole.

Caroline: I think the entire week’s episodes was to show us how people took to hierarchy. Everyone knows their places very well and where the boundaries lay. The true fun of it all is when Tae Hyun breaks them all, which I think he will with the help of those around him. From 3rd Year resident, to Level 12, to (dare we say) director? Who knows . . .

Wendilynn: What we do know, is that to protect his dear sister, and to honor his mother, (anyone else cry in that dream scene?) he will continue to save the day.

Firnlambe: ME!! ME!! I was bawling like a little baby . . then promptly went “what the hell show?!?! It’s only episode 4!--4! I say!!! Why did you make me shed tears so soon?!?” I was totally not prepared for any sort of waterworks this early in the game--but I do think that scene was shot in a very tactful fashion. They didn’t over hype it but they were not too subtle with the emotions either.

Caroline: His sister and his mother are his drive . . It will never stop being super sad and extremely adorable because loyalty!

Wendilynn: You know where I was not expecting any loyalty? Chief Lee. At first I thought him being upset with Tae Hyun being given permission to meet Yeo Jin was jealousy. But it was really him not wanting to trap the young doctor with the lie that is worth their lives. I was really ready to not like him. I consider him a sniveling coward. I might need to re-evaluate just who our Chief really is.

Firnlambe: I for one am not sold on that possible plot point. I still have this nagging feeling that everything he’s saying is out of self preservation and that he may end up tossing Tae Hyun under a bus in the near future just to save his own hide . . . but that’s little ol cynical me talking--and what does she know?

How do you feel about Yeo Jin waking up? Are you excited to see how she plans on exacting her revenge? Were you moved by Tae Hyun's brash braveness or do you think he's taken on more than he can handle? Maybe you feel like things are developing at an odd pace. Be sure to voice your opinions in the comments, we love to discuss things with fellow clients. Also, don't forget that level 12 has it's own personal Forum ready and waiting for you to ask your fellow Clients about how they felt things went down this week. You can also ask the nurses a question worthy enough to debate if you deem it necessary. Anything and everything is possible, so be sure to check it out.

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