When we left Yong Pal last week, Tae Hyun was shot and Yeo Jin was dead on the OR table. Everyone was trying to get their hands on Yeo Jin, dead or alive. Now we find out if Tae Hyun’s plans paid off and just who was tricking whom? While Caroline is busy on Level 12, join us at the nurses' station as Firnlambe and I gossip about what happened this week.

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Wendilynn: I have to admit, i could not see how Tae Hyun could stay on the good sides of President Go and the CEO, imagine my surprise that he was able to leave the garage to tend to his wound.

Firnlambe: That was some smooooth maneuvering on Tae Hyun’s part. I was very much impressed. I was also impressed that he was able to last as long as he did on two epipens worth of adrenaline. Hopefully he doesn’t build up a tolerance to the stuff.

Wendilynn: lol, I know right? If you had any doubts how much he’s starting to care about Yeo Jin that would be put to rest by how he worked to bring her back. He wasn’t quitting for anything.


Firnlambe: Poor boy looked like his heart was being ripped to shreds. He also probably had a huge side of guilt on his plate. He promised her that he would be there and that no one has ever died on his table . . . add that to his growing affections towards Yeo Jin and I totally don’t blame him for freaking out like he did. I was really glad that our head nurse is so quick on her feet. I don’t know what they would have done if the other patient, who was very conveniently in a coma with bandages on her face, had not died.

Wendilynn: Yeah, the patient who had tried to commit suicide. And while they couldn’t allow her to die, they didn’t want her being seen so she conveniently got her own room. That little switcheroo just seemed a little too convenient to me. However, it allowed them to have his and her hospital rooms. *chuckles* Boy did CEO wife have a fit. She moved everyone to get Tae Hyun healed. I wonder how that made her neglected husband feel?


Firnlambe: If they somehow make this into a love triangle I’ll be upset . . . just saying.

Wendilynn: No kidding. Although, I thought that it was good of Tae Hyun to tell her that she should love her husband. I have to wonder what would happen to him if she would. Everything he does seems desperate to me. To prove himself, somehow. Its made him vulnerable to President Go and he will eat him without hesitation.

YPe7 no love.jpg

Firnlambe: I did notice that CEO had taken a large dose of crazy pills. Though to be honest both the CEO and Chief Lee haven’t been the same since they “killed” Yeo Jin. I’m kinda hoping their hallucinations can be used against them later on when Yeo Jin wants to make her return.

Wendilynn: The hallucinations are a nice touch. Guilt complex, anyone? Although, what they did to Nurse McCreepy was a bit much. So, anyone want to bet if she is really dead or not? I’m half thinking not simply because she’s too psycho to die that easily. I mean, that truck could have only glancingly struck that phone booth and knocked it down the street. Anyone?


Firnlambe: I swear, if she comes back as a zombified version of her obsessed self I’ll cry. It’s scenes like this, that make me doubt all other overhead street shots in other dramas.

Wendilynn: I wouldn’t worry too much, she was bleeding from everywhere, including her eyes. Maybe keeping her alive would have made the love square too much? After all we already have this thing brewing with Yeo Jin, Tae Hyun, the CEO’s wife and her husband.

Firnlambe: Well, at least Tae Hyun knows when to play his cards right. Particularly during dinner. He’s so quick to catch onto things. I’m hoping the CEO really does follow through with his claim and send Sister Sick to America for the transplant.

Wendilynn: Very true. Everyone is promising to help his sister, but it will depend on who shuts up and just does it. I’m still amazed that they all still like him. They all consider him useful. Of course, when Shin Sa A just casually talked to Yeo Jin up on the roof, knowing who she was without question or nerves and shock. I had to wonder if she was really in on the whole thing, too.

YPe7 men in love.jpg

Firnlambe: I still don’t see how. I mean, she has supposedly never even seen her before--right?--I just can’t see how she could possibly know what she looked like. I’m just hoping she didn’t reveal to the other parties that she found Yeo Jin while on her way to the airport.

Wendilynn: Of course she would know what she looked like. Her picture is plastered on any who’s who of CEO ownership. She technically owns that hospital they are holding her hostage in not her illegitimate brother. I was just surprised because I thought she was firmly in President Go’s pocket and even pulled a gun on Tae Hyun, but Tae Hyun left them together and she was not surprised when she went to talk to her about how special Tae Hyun was to Yeo Jin. It was interesting that she told Yeo Jin to not let him escape and to hold onto him.

Firnlambe: Truuue. Speaking of our lead couple. I really enjoyed their scenes in the church. Particularly when she called him and the aftermath with the priest in the rooms. That really warmed the heart for me.

Wendilynn: I loved loved loved the line about how he could not be jealous of a memory. What a tender confession. And then he waited for her to call. Leaving his number in the #1 position. Oh my gosh, it was sweet.


Firnlambe: And then the whole scene when he came back into the room just to make sure the nun keeps the light on? //sigh// simply adorable.

Wendilynn: I know, right? The only thing that I thought went too fast was the kiss at the end. I understood her asking him to wait till her scar healed because she has been dreaming of the accident every night for 3 years. But then to accept his kiss afterwards just seemed too strange for me. “Wait for me, but you can kiss me” just seems like a conflicted message. lol


Firnlambe: Well I’d rather watch them kiss in a semi-rushed fashion instead of watching the Cops drill the residents at the hospital . . . at least the kiss is something that has the potential to make your heart flutter, whereas the Cop scenes make me want to chuck pillows at my surroundings.

Wendilynn: I can’t tell yet if alerting the head resident that Yong Pal exists in the hospital is a good thing or a “going to horribly backfire on everyone” sort of thing.

Firnlambe: I bet two custom photoshopped backgrounds that it backfires horribly on everyone. I mean how can that possibly end well. The head resident hates Tae Hyun . . . I don’t see him letting this sort of opportunity slip away from him.

YPe8  you know something.jpg

Wendilynn: He only hates him because he thinks Tae Hyun is a money grubber. He doesn’t know the real story yet, and I half expect that he could be a source of help later. What really got me was the little scared nurse getting some back on the hurt gangsters. She had them whimpering in fear. That had to feel good after they kept yelling at her all the time. lol

Firnlambe: Her actions wasn’t what really had me rolling . . . the fact that they were so beaten that they needed to have subtitles up to understand them was hysterical!

Wendilynn: This show has humor pop up in great moment. It helps offset some of the more somber moments. Like Yeo Jin’s pity party when she realized everyone thought she was dead and she was no longer the top crocodile in the swamp.

Firnlambe: Oh please . . . . if she’s a crocodile, it's just a baby with no real teeth.

YPe8 crocodiles.jpg

Wendilynn: The real danger is President Go. He’s gobbling up everyone one bite at a time. He’s just turned the CEO into a puppet. I can’t imagine what else he’s got up his sleeve. However, I have a funny feeling that Tae Hyun just might take him on if they put his sister in danger.

Firnlambe: You mentioned to me Wendilynn, in our personal conversation, that Tae Hyun may be the real crocodile--and I don’t doubt for a second that Tae Hyun wouldn’t hesitate to snap at President Go if his sister is targeted.

Confessions have been made all around.  Some of love and some of murder.  Whose confession will top them all?  Where will Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin go from here?   Will Director Go eat everyone else for lunch?  Tell us what you think so far in the comments below. 

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