Yeo Jin has learned a few things this week that has changed her mind about running away with Tae Hyun. But will she have enough power or backers to be able to overthrow her brother? What can she really do? What power does she really have? Come join Wendilynn, Firnlambe and I, Caroline over on the nurses station for the latest developments this week on Yong Pal.

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irnlambe: //babbles incoherently out of frustration// This week was full of illogical plot holes.

Wendilynn: *giggles* I know how you feel. Several things did not make logical sense. Do Joon is clearly not the only one who has gone crazy. Of course, now we know why he has gone crazy.

Firnlambe: dude the man is effed up . . . and his abandonment issues do not pardon his actions even a little bit.

Caroline: Realistically, it’s 100% the dad’s fault for picking favorites and making this dude the psycho he is now. I mean why couldn’t he be as nice to Do Joon as he was to Yeo Jin?

Wendilynn: It feels sort of awful knowing they were once close, but after his little explanation, you have to figure he was faking that closeness with Yeo Jin as children. But that doesn’t explain the crying scenes when he would get in trouble and then go hug Yeo Jin. Either way… the dude has issues all around. And President Go thought he could cash in on them.

Firnlambe: (・_├┬┴┬┴ //sigh// I still need time to recover from the illogical plot holes . . . continue on without me while I sulk in my dark corner

Caroline: No one should sulk about that alone .. Let’s hear it. Let it all out.

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Firnlambe: //cracks knuckles// I just can’t accept the cops and their obsession with nailing Yong Pal. I really don’t. It’s not like he’s killing people . . and besides don’t they have better things to do? Like catching people who are like Scar Face?

Wendilynn: They see Yong Pal as their connection to Doo Chul. That’s who they want to capture. And Doo Chul was his awesome best this week.

Caroline: Can’t even imagine what would’ve happened if he hadn’t stepped in just in time too. Gotta admit, he might be my favorite character right now. I’ve been feeling that Kim Tae Hee is not really giving her role the best she can though, like I’ve seen her act better. It makes me lose interest in Yeo Jin sometimes =(

Wendilynn: She is stuck sitting there and looking smug or haughty. Trying to hide her real intentions from the people who would abuse her. You can’t really do much when you have to be poker faced the whole time.

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Firnlambe: She does look better with that short bob though . . . gotta give her coordinator credit. I’ve felt that way about Yeo Jin for a while now, particularly when it comes to her love with Tae Hyun. It feels extremely rushed and I really hope they can rectify that feeling for me. They’ve kissed what, 3 times now?--and each time I really haven’t felt moved like I normally would with the OTP.

Caroline: That’s because it feel like he doesn’t actually love her and she’s more interested in how he can save her. He all but talked to the girl around 5 times, it’s like a Disney movie …..

Wendilynn: I buy it on his end ever since he saved her life. He’s totally invested in her as much as he is his sister. She, on the other hand, I can’t quite tell what she is thinking. However, I was really worried she would take his letter at face value last week and I’m so glad to see that she saw right through it.

Firnlambe: I’ll admit I was worried about her plan at first . . particularly once she started texting the minion. And then she gave him the ultimate USB--I still have my doubts on how this will pan out lol.

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Caroline: Didn’t that seem like the stupidest thing in the world? How could she give him the USB like that???? Near lost my mind watching that unfold.

Wendilynn: It really depends on who that secretary is really loyal to. We all know he saw the writing on the wall that he was considered expendable. Giving that USB to Do Joon makes him look like a traitor to Yeo Jin, but it seems he really did call all those bribed people to come to the funeral. I’m not really sure what to make of him yet. Who is he really loyal to?

Firnlambe: Oh don’t get me wrong . . . I am thoroughly convinced that he’s really on Yeo Jin’s side, particularly after he ignored President Go’s phone call right before showing up to the funeral. Making it impossible for Crazy CEO to be prepared for what was to come.

Caroline: Do you think the marriage license will solve everything though? We do have a few episodes left … The progression of this drama seems extremely high paced … Maybe we’ll get to see Yeo Jin take control?

Wendilynn: Well, she is right, she has to have a new guardian. She’ll be dead otherwise. We have no reason to believe that Tae Hyun wasn’t able to get it filed since he had the cops right there helping him do it.

Firnlambe: It’s just a question on if he’ll arrive in time to stop her from being taken away. Which I’m sure he will--but those pesky writer like to warp our sense of time in these shows.

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Caroline: Speaking of Marriage, could you believe Chae Young’s backstory??? Poor lady, I mean I knew she wasn’t a complete airhead but I couldn’t imagine how miserable she feels in her marriage with Do Joon =(

Wendilynn: A Dead fiance and a forced abortion. Yeah, can’t imagine why she hates Do Joon. Gee, go figure.

Firnlambe: Exactly . . . plus it didn’t help that he forced himself on her.

Caroline: He’s not exactly the best guy out there, he made a deal with a guy to date his sister so he can blackmail her. Not exactly Mr. Nice Guy at all really.

Wendilynn: The throne is a little tarnished. Yeo Jin has her work cut out for her. But, can she trust her troops?

Firnlambe: Probably not . . . they’ve all proven they are more than willing to stab each other in the back.

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Wendilynn: Speaking of stabbing in the back, can Chief Lee be saved or has he been poisoned for good? And if he survives, will he join the forces for good?

Caroline: Can’t believe the Head Nurse used him as bait … But, he somewhat deserved it. I think he’ll be more than willing to hop on any team if it means saving himself. He seems like the selfish sort. Guess we'll have to wait and see ...

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