The adorable sweetness of the love between Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin is in for a tough time. Tae Hyun is not prepared for the war path Yeo Jin is on thanks to her being locked up in a forced coma for 3 years. Everyone has their head on the chopping block. Can Tae Hyun’s gentle nature help Yeo Jin see reason? Will he give her a reason to be? Join Caroline, Firnlambe, and me at the nurses' station for the latest dish being served this week on Yong Pal.

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Firnlambe: I hate to admit it . . . but I did feel a bit bad for the Crazy Couple aka CEO and his wife. Even though he’s a total ass (and besides the fact that he truly does deserve punishment) it was a blow below the belt when it came to timing. Wifey just was about to maaaaaybe give him a second chance when //BAM// iron rod to the back of the head. I half expected her to get hit with a truck when she was crossing the street.

Wendilynn: I thought she might get hit too. However, lets be real. She’s never given him a first chance. She had to lose the man she loved AND his baby to marry this dork. But she was pushed to a point where he was the only thing she could rely on. Which maybe she needed so she could turn to him. The little melty eyes he was sending her when he realized she was there sort of broke my heart a little. He’s a royal bastard, don’t get me wrong, but Yeo Jin is just as psycho as he is. Both are suffering from severe neglect. Maybe Chae Young can love him and set him straight like I hope Tae Hyun can help Yeo Jin.

YPe14  melty eyes.jpg

Caroline: It was intense … It’s a “I love you because I need you” sort of thing I guess. Chae Young is so used to getting her way and being very important that it never occurred to her that it’s because she’s married to him. The part where she says “Honey” was like a .. Dude, really? Ugh.

Firnlambe: Wait so “Madam” has a name?!? . . . I joke . . . all that aside I don’t know what Tae Hyun was thinking this week. How could he marry the heir of the Hashin group and NOT expect his status to jump tenfold? I mean I know the boy tends to be naive when it doesn’t involve medical jargon, but his attempts at trying to stay “under the radar”, as it were, was pretty damn hysterical.

YPe14  brown nosing.jpg

Wendilynn: That was hilarious, watching him try to keep things the way they were and failing. He doesn’t have any respect for all the brown nosing, and then to see it directed at him had to be slightly nauseating. He really doesn’t understand his new station. I liked some of the comments that the secretary gave him about how to survive. I also thought the comment about how you get used to it and then can’t give it up to be very enlightening. I have a feeling that Tae Hyun can give it up if he had to. I could see him walking away if she pushes this revenge thing too far.

Caroline: It was fun to watch him run away but I do think that at point he’s going to need to stand his ground. He’s done it with gangster, so I know he’s not above it.

Firnlambe: Let’s not forget that he had his game face on as soon as she mentioned that she had spoken with So Hyun. He was instantly on edge, so I agree with the statement that if she pushes things too far he would be willing to walk away.

YPe14  game face.jpg

Wendilynn: He gets automatically defensive where his sister is concerned. I thought that dinner conversation between them was really good. There she was, letting him see just how hurt she really is, how unbalanced her experiences have left her, and all he can do is gently ask her to forgive. He never once let her know that his mother died because of her. It’s not her fault, of course, and he knows that, so he’s not going to hold that against her. But, I have to wonder if that piece of information will later be used to bring her to her senses. She has already forced President Go to commit suicide. Chief Lee needs a bed in the loony bin after all this settles. Talk about a man getting ready to snap completely. And I bet you ANYTHING she is going to slam dear brother into a forced coma.

Caroline: That’s what Chae Young probably thought when she saw Han Shin on the ambulance. Yeo Jin is just bitter lady with some very serious resources .. But then again so was her brother … Coincidence? I think not. Tae Hyun has his hands full with this one, she’s such a conflicting personality. Her entire world is conflicting.

Firnlambe: Tae Hyun might not have come out and blatantly stated she was the reason his mother died, but he did say “How am I supposed to forgive your people ...”. A statement which clearly implies that she and “her people” have done things that have affected him. Yeo Jin is not slow, I’m sure once she calms down a bit, she’ll take notice of his attitude and sense that he wasn’t just making empty statements simply to sway her.

Wendilynn: I hope he can because she’ll lose him if she can’t find reason again. He loves her, but he won’t sit by and watch her destroy everything. I couldn’t help but think of how dictators are always afraid of uprisings because they all know that stomping on people will make them revolt eventually. She has to see that if she keeps this behavior her people will revolt against her. All those sycophants will find a new butt to sniff. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Chae Young tries to be that person.

Firnlambe: Truth. So going back to President Go and his demise . . . I was happy with the cops this episode--I really was--until President Go went crazy with his dinnerware and they just brushed it off. Ummmmm excuse me? No, that’s not even remotely close to what a sensible officer would do. They would NOT brush that off and go “hmmm he’s smashing things for no apparent reason . . . . let’s just wait until we’ve finished eating before dealing with that” (╯‵Д′)╯︵ ┻━┻ not ok writers--not ok.

YPe13  Go says bye.jpg

Wendilynn: I thought it showed just how far Han Shin Group’s hand extends that most people don’t even try to fight it. This version of Korea is insanely corrupt and filled with people who don’t rock the boat or object when the boat rocks. I did like seeing Tae Hyun being friends with our cop duo for a change. Tae Hyun is collecting an interesting collection of people who are willing to help him because he’s just a decent person. He’s won over the house staff by helping the main housekeeper with her vision issues. He eats their food even if it’s too much. He asks their names. So far we are not seeing that from Yeo Jin, and you’d think she’d know better. I had high hopes for her when she did the right thing by that worker who died and whose name she used to provide cover while she healed.

YPe13  renumeration.jpg

Caroline: That’s probably the one thing she did that I managed to admire. Beyond that, scary lady. Just like the maid said.

Firnlambe: I really liked the way Yeo Jin did that as well, it was extremely classy of her. I was a little doubtful of her just up and rehiring EVERYONE without discussing it with her board of directors, but I’ll give her some grace since I figure she’s trying to win the hearts of the people first--I imagine she does it to create a safety net of sorts. I am totally adoring the way Tae Hyun is interacting with the “help”. Particularly with his bodyguard, I really hope the guard plays more of a role for these last 2 weeks (WHOOOO EXTENSION!! //cough//)

YPe14 I'll take care of it.jpg

Wendilynn: Yes, he’s adorable for a bodyguard. Not very imposing. And I’m with you. I’m glad they got an extension. I just see no way of wrapping this story up sensibly in two episodes. It needs four more

Caroline: I resent the extension. I resent all extensions, you should know where the story is going when you write and know how long you need to wrap it up. I think that last episode is gonna be completely useless, I feel like it’s just a way to extend a paycheck rather than tie any loose ends, most of them are never tied and then you sit there wondering why there was an extension at all .. Lol. Just a thought.

What does Yeo Jin have in store for everyone?  Will her brother be forced to experience her coma nightmare?  Will Chae Young also try to go for revenge?  Can Tae Hyun do anything to stop the war before all their lives are destroyed?  Tell us in the comments below what you expect from these next episodes. 

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