Dear Clients, things get tense once Yeo Jin starts down the dark path towards the Dark Side—err revenge . . . I mean revenge. Can Tae Hyun convince her that revenge is not in her best interest, or will CEO Crazy be doomed to the same life of confinement that once trapped Yeo Jin? Join Caroline, Wendilynn, and yours truly as we catch you up on all the latest gossip from level 12’s nursing station on Yong Pal.

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Wendilynn: I wish I could say that this week’s episodes were a surprise and came out of left field. And while there were a few things I wasn’t expecting, Yeo Jin was pretty much true to form and did what I expected her to do.

Firnlambe: I agree, though I must admit seeing Chief Lee working with Yeo Jin surprised me slightly. I mean, I wasn’t truly surprised but I still was not expecting it.

Caroline: I have no words for what I watched … I was expecting this, but I wasn’t expecting it you know?

Wendilynn: That Chief Lee got his job back was a total surprise. But that walk down memory lane of what happened to put Chief where he was, that a trip. If anything Chief Lee was more a prisoner than even Yeo Jin had been. And now he’s trapped so completely, he will never be free. Ever. Yeo Jin is also trapped, but she refuses to walk away. Chief Lee just can’t.

Firnlambe: I honestly felt that was a waste of time . . . . I would have like to have had the writers focus more on other aspects of the plot. Chief was put between a rock and a hard place . . . we get it, move on with the story.

Caroline: I think that it was supposed to make us feel sorry for him. But realistically, I think jail would’ve been better than killing people … I don’t like Chief Lee. The one thing I did expect also was the fact that Do Joon died. Because he does stupid things, and it seemed like the right sequence. He was way too cocky.

Wendilynn: I disagree that it was a waste of time. I really feel that Yeo Jin needed a major perspective adjustment. She was not the only person being tormented. She also had to come to understand that her actions were just as evil as the actions she was railing against. She had to know exactly why she earned Tae Hyun’s love and loyalty. So that when she chose to throw it away, she would understand exactly what she was doing. No pussyfooting around it.

Firnlambe: //sigh// Fine--go and make logical sense then . . . . but just because Yeo Jin needed a Yoda teaching moment doesn’t mean I had to like it. I’m a bit concerned with how they are going to come up with two more episodes worth or material. I know our OTP needs to end up together, but I feel so blah about them that I feel no drive to see how they make things work.

Caroline: Yeo Jin is odd to me. She seems human, but then she’s like a robot who can’t process human emotions. It throws me off every time she’s very nice to Tae Hyun and then does the 180 into corporate crocodile.

Wendilynn: I have a funny feeling that’s being done deliberately. I think we’re meant to keep guessing what she will ultimately do. Her crocodile act doesn’t phase me to much because I’m expecting it. Its her tender moments that come as a welcome surprise. I really loved that scene near the end in the garden. When he’s saying goodbye and she expects him to. They didn’t throw accusations. She used him, and yet all he could feel was sorrow at what they lost. There were no names called. Just gentle understanding and love between them. I loved that. I really did.

Caroline: Speaking of sorrow … Chae Young =( .. I feel so unbelievably sorry for her.

Firnlambe: I feel no remorse for Chae Young. None whatsoever . . . and I feel that is due to how sudden and random her affection towards CEO Crazy came.

Wendilynn: I do feel sorry for her and I don’t. She would have used and abused Yeo Jin just like everyone else. It just hurts to know how much she lost and then when she was finally ready to try and make things work with her husband, he goes and acts like an idiot and gets himself killed.

Caroline: I know right?! Cars rushing towards you doesn’t seem like a welcome party to me. Chae Young holding his picture while he’s being cremated though … Depressing. In a way, he got what he deserved for all the other people he had killed ruthlessly. Karma? .. Maybe.

Wendilynn: Now, we’re going to have yet another person out for revenge. They need to change the name of this show. I mean, seriously. The only person who isn’t out for revenge is Tae Hyun. Is anyone else happy that he got to keep his bodyguard? I’m so glad he’s staying on the show. I really like him.

Firnlambe: I adore that Yeo Jin sent our lovable bodyguard after Tae Hyun, almost as much as I adored that he addressed Tae Hyun as ‘Hyung’. Their mini subplot of bromance entertains me to no end.

Caroline: I just have to mention that revenge was not one of the genres =D lol

Wendilynn: Well betrayal certainly is. That secretary is quite the character. He’s a piece of work that one and I'm so glad that Yeo Jin doesn’t trust him for a minute. I have to admit I was highly disappointed in him when he started talking about killing Do Joon to save his own skin from retribution. I really had thought him better than that.

Caroline: This dude ….. He will slither to whatever master he can. Terrible person. Then again, he seemed poopie from the start so that wasn’t a surprise.

Firnlambe: I really did hope he had decided to change his mind and stay true to Yeo Jin . . . but obviously that was wishful thinking. I must say I was surprised by the appearance of Do Joon. There I was enjoying Joo Won in a suit (even with the bow tie) when suddenly this man showed up and basically forced a war upon Yeo Jin and the Han Shin group.

Wendilynn: I really expected the stock market buyout scene to play out differently. I sort of expected to have Yeo Jin buy out all the subsidiaries that rival group would have to hock in order to afford the price war for the company that they wanted so badly. It seemed a waste of good talent to just raise stocks and force them to spend money. I would have been happier to see her pick off the extra companies to pay him back for threatening her. To make him spend a trillion dollars so it wouldn’t look like she was handing over Do Joon to be killed seemed a bit much. 

Well folks, things have sure seem to have gotten dark. Will Yeo Jin let go of her dark revenge and embrace the light? Can Tae Hyun save their failing relationship, or are they doomed to a life of separation? Thankfully we still have one week left before all the loose ends get wrapped up so be sure to hit up the official Yong Pal Forum where you can meet fellow clients, discuss how much you loved or hated this week and toss around any possible theories you may have for what will go down in the final week.

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