Because things on the 12th floor couldn’t be wrapped up in 16 episodes, we got the extension for 18! Our nurses couldn’t be more thrilled to talk about the return of Yong Pal, Stephenie Lee and Liver Cancer. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and I for the last Drama Club post from the 12th floor. Or was it 13th?

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Wendilynn: I’m taking up residence on the First floor because that was the only time sanity reigned during the extension.

Firnlambe: (╯‵Д′)╯︵ ┻━┻

Caroline: Am I allowed to quote myself?

Firnlambe: If you must lol

Caroline: “I resent the extension.” Because seriously, I knew it was going to be a complete waste of time with no real avail.

Wendilynn: I don’t mind extensions, but this one made no flipping sense. Revenge, guilt from revenge and cancer. When she had cancer I had half a hope that they were going to return to the old time drama trope of killing off the lead character. The way this drama was going, it seemed fitting. First time, I think, that I’ve wanted that old trope to return.

Firnlambe: I had such I hopes for this drama . . . then they rushed the romance . . . and the whole show just fell apart for me. And yet, a small part of me still held hope that the writers were going to utilize this extension to fix things--clearly my brain was full of wishful thoughts.

Caroline: Let’s break this down, shall we? 1) I could’ve lived with the fact that she left him to be a crocodile, the end. 2) I could’ve lived with a drama that doesn’t have a character getting cancer. 3) Why the hell would anyone attempt to take revenge for a husband (whom was treated like poop during the marriage anyway) who destroyed your life? EXPLAIN THIS TO ME! (-_____-)

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Wendilynn: Chae Young’s story didn’t make sense to me either. I could have seen her going after revenge for her dad or for being kicked out, or the way she was abused and yada yada. But to revenge Do Joon? Are you kidding me? I don’t care that she was starting to soften. The guy was a moron who enslaved his sister and then tried to kill her. He tried to kill everyone. Everyone was expendable as far as he was concerned. Good grief, HE screwed up the attempt to save his life, even if Yeo Jin set it up for him to get caught if he was the least bit stupid about it. What got me most though, is that this revenge had no point. What was she trying to accomplish other than becoming the new owner of Hanshin? That just didn’t fit with everything else.

Firnlambe: I get the feeling, Wendilynn that you and I are on the EXACT same page regarding this last week. I don't have anything to add. I agree on all counts . . . . I never liked that woman anyways, even before her stupid “change of heart”.

Caroline: I expected something a little bit different with the “I will come up to the 13th floor” bluh bluh bluh … BAM call the cops on peoples … WHAAA?? Are you not gonna get up there as the hubby and take control of stuffs since wifey is just about to die?? Liver cancer? You know?

Wendilynn: I don’t agree with you there. Remember, he had a restraining order on him. The only person who could really kick them all out of the house was Yeo Jin. And calling 119 and reporting a thief got them around needing a warrant. It was very clever, actually.

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Firnlambe: lol I’m just gonna let Wendilynn talk for me the rest of the DC it seems //sits down and watches from a dark corner//

Caroline: Dude! No listen, they used her name, she didn’t file for anything!

Firnlambe: //pokes head out of the shadows// Which is why they added “falsifying legal documents” onto the charges they listed off.

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Caroline: Was this not for the fact that they were going to rewrite her will?? …...

Firnlambe: Technically that hadn’t happened yet.

Wendilynn: They needed to get around the fact that the prosecutor's office would not have issued a warrant to all those powerful people when the head of the company was dying of cancer and reportedly delusional. It was a very clever and basic way of getting around the ‘people in power” issue so they could stop the re-writing of the will.

Caroline: Nod nod. And who’s this new “Yong Pal” kid?

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Firnlambe: I reached the conclusion that Cynthia was deeply in love with Yong Pal . . . . thus she felt the need to create her own exclusive submissive version of him while abroad.

Wendilynn: I happen to agree with that. She also saw great monetary potential in it. lol They even pulled out an emo dude to fill the role. I have one thing to grumble about though. All the ‘Yong Pal’ scenes were about how he was doing these amazing surgeries and such. And then we do NOT get to see the new Yong Pal do anything except ask for clamp/scissors. I would cry foul on that. Why bring him in if you were only going to show Director Lee and Tae Hyun doing the operation. (F: While NOT blurring a damn thing)

Caroline: THANK YOU! What exactly was his purpose if OUR Yong Pal was the one doing all the stuffs anyway? (F: Moral support?) … I don’t understand these writers … I don’t understand this whole two hours of my life watching this … So I can see Yeo Jin wake up again?? …. Sigh.

Wendilynn: Now, I did like that last bit. That was a nice touch, tying into how she felt about the man who could wake her up from a nightmare. But that nice touch didn’t make up for the nonsense getting to it.

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Firnlambe: lol ok I’ll stop just adding random quips to everyone else’s thoughts . . . I personally thought the ending was crap. Mainly because, be it in a drama/book or movie, I hate those type of endings. I hate feeling like there was no real conclusion to things.

Caroline: I second that. Pointless ending.

Wendilynn: Oddly enough, I didn’t feel like we wouldn’t know how it would end. The ending wasn’t that open to me. I just couldn’t see the point that filled up these two episodes. There was no reason for it. I kept thinking “‘what was the point?” way too often in this drama. Such a great idea that was way too muddled. What a waste of really great talent.

Firnlambe: Now I didn’t say it was an open ending. There just wasn’t a conclusion to Tae Hyung and Seo Jin’s relationship. I would have felt better if the windy hill scene had happened after the operation instead of before. THAT would have made me feel like there was a conclusion.

Caroline: Waste of Talent … (I’m just gonna sit here and repeat what you guys are saying because there are no other words)

Wendilynn: A couple things that I really did like about these two episodes was Bodyguard Cutie and the Butler. I need to see our bodyguard in something else, he was a joy to watch every time he was on screen. And I really thought the Butler rocked it as she tried to find out what was going on.

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Firnlambe: I adore Bodyguard Cutie . . . I really do. I also really liked the hacker and his foresight to grasp that things were not all that they seemed to be when Mr. “I have no loyalties” decided to dissolve the war room.

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Caroline: I really liked the Butler, she was beyond awesome. I didn’t doubt her for one bit, especially when she caught on the water thing. I also liked the head nurse a lot. I think the actress herself is amazing with all her roles, so even though this was much smaller than her usual she still rocked it.

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Wendilynn: Kim Mi Kyung is a fantastic character actress. She is in everything. And no, this is not her smallest role. She had 2 lines in the very first 3 minutes of the first episode of Bride of the Century. *chuckles*

Caroline: Listen lady, I’m not as specific as you, okay? =D lol. It’s smaller than HealerMaster’s Sun etc etc.

Wendilynn: One last thing in our "the few things we liked in these episodes” was the kisses. I really loved that part up on the roof. Those were two good kisses.

Caroline: Mwah Mwah Mwah. It wasn’t just sit there and let him kiss me kinda kissing, watch out Rain =P. Lol, I liked the (surprise) BACK HUG!!! The drama would’ve been incomplete without it,

Firnlambe: I honestly didn’t feel any sort of attachment to their kisses lol mainly because I really just don’t like this OTP----well I suppose we ragged on the story enough . . . final thoughts to the series as a whole? Would you recommend it or not?

Wendilynn: If you are a fan of the leads, then you should watch it. I wouldn’t use it as an introduction drama for someone. lol This is no Healer, and sadly, I wonder if we were expecting a little bit of that, especially as we were teased with that in the first few episodes. (Even if the gangster boss was a hoot the whole series)

Screenshot (43).png

CarolineGood Doctor is a thing. It’s definitely a much better story. And I liked the historical drama Tae Hee was in … Jang Ok Jung. This one doesn’t do either one of their talents justice.

Firnlambe: I would recommend it letting them know that the ending may or may not live up to their expectations. As much as I razzed this last week, I did like the drama as a whole, but I definitely will not be rewatching it.


Lol, Joke. What did YOU think Drama Fans? Did you like the ending to Yong Pal? What would you have changed? Share your thoughts with the Drama Club in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to hit up the official Yong Pal Forum where you can meet your fellow fans, discuss how much you loved or hated this drama.

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