In an endless power struggle, one must question whose side to take. Our fearless doctor is stuck in the middle with his new friend “Sleeping Beauty” aka. Yeo Jin, who awakens from her deep sleep believing that she holds the power to tip the scales, but will she and the doc come out alive at the end of it all? Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and Caroline as they continue yet another week of exciting nurse gossip from Young Pal.

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Firnlambe: Oh my goodness . . . this week was a doozy. It’s no wonder the show has already broken 20% in its ratings. There was so much that went down, it’s a little hard to believe we still have 14 episodes left.

Caroline: 20.4% please, I think the fact that having two very popular actors does help a bit, but there was just so much going on that I had to rewatch a couple of parts just to make sure I was understanding everything right.

Wendilynn: Joo Won is the draw for sure. I’ve been a little disheartened by some of the criticism being given towards Kim Tae Hee performance. I think she is doing a great job. I totally get where she is coming from. I think the ratings really reflect how good this story is.

Firnlambe: I’m hoping that now that Yeo Jin has woken up we’ll have more scenes with her and less with Joo Won. Why, you may ask? Well Joo Won deserves to sleep lol. I’m all for having all the awesome scenes he’s been in but I’m looking forward to seeing more our sleeping beauty going forward. I have to say, my favorite scenes with her were by far when she drove Crazy McCrazysen batty with the motion sensors and the scene where she showed the chief that she was awake.

Caroline: Speaking of Crazy Mc Crazysen, it’s a bit disturbing how obsessed she is with Yeo Jin to put a camera in her room to see if she really is moving. Dude, she stabbed a dude for her, if that’s not love I don’t know what is. (Bruno Mars - Grenade, Much?) Scary lady (0____0)

Wendilynn: Oh yeah, she is definitely not right in the head. Its a given now that Crazy Nurse saw Yeo Jin as a lover of sorts. *shudder* I was NOT expecting her to attack the director though. She completely lost it. I think it's sort of a shame, with her obviously being in love with Yeo Jin, they probably could have turned her into an ally.

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Firnlambe: I didn’t get the lover vibe from her, I saw her obsession more along the lines of an obsessed mother type figure, but I was for sure not expecting her to flip out so hardcore, that’s for sure. I figured she would cause problems with that video camera, but I was pleasantly surprised when it worked out in Tae Hyun’s favor. If she wasn’t so obsessed with Yeo Jin then he never would have gotten keys to the elevator. Granted that did more harm than good, but still….they had no way of knowing they had a dummy the entire time.

Caroline: I feel like Tae Hyun knew all about it, otherwise why did he ask the Nurse for help with the arrest thing? Can’t be sure until next week though, which I’m just anxiously waiting for. Because what about the CEO’s wife? There’s just way too much happening with her alone.

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Firnlambe: Tae Hyun had asked for the head nurse’s help because he thought that he would be in the operating room himself. He never expected McCrazysen to stab the director and force the CEO to move his murder plans up. It’s actually a lucky thing that he was able to even tell the head nurse about the plans so she could continue them when he failed to show up. I’m curious how he’s going to get himself to the operating room. He’s been shot AND he’s down at the loading docks, so it won’t be easy for him to make it back in time to “save” Yeo Jin.

Wendilynn: I personally bet he knew too. Although, that would make you wonder why he fought over the gun. He could have just let the dummy get shot. Although, then everyone would have known she wasn’t dead and could be missing. They need her brother and others to know she’s dead. I just don’t feel that he’s genuinely surprised to find that dummy. He’s shot, in shock from that and we’ve yet to see the goons from the CEO’s wife. Part of the plan doesn’t seem to have happened yet.

Firnlambe: This is true . . . Why would President Go send in his goons with pictures of the CEO’s wife and then only have them attempt to steal Yeo Jin away. I for sure thought they were sent to kill her.

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Wendilynn: Agreed, I also felt they were here to kill her. I was half expecting them to try and kill her before she could rescue Yeo Jin. Then Crazy Nurse went and tried to kill the director and that brought in the army of goons in early. I still feel like this is all part of Tae Hyun’s plan though. I bet you ANYTHING he’s the one who called the CEO in the first place. He figured out that everyone wants her dead. In that case, you make all the rats fight themselves.

Caroline: Or so we assume. At this point, who knows what his plan was. I don’t even remember the correspondence with the CEO. I remember him being in the car with President Go? And yet the CEO makes it seem that he’s been talking to Tae Hyun and that he’d always been on his side. Even Cynthia had to question loyalties at that point.

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Firnlambe: Tae Hyun never had any direct correspondence with the CEO that they showed us, so I can’t sure, but I would not put it past Tae Hyun to know when he is on the losing side. I can totally see him assessing his current situation and then deeming it necessary to play his part and make it look like he was always on the CEO’s side. Just because the CEO knew his name doesn’t mean anything particularly special. I’m sure he was told about Tae Hyun when he was given access to the restricted section.

Caroline: Guess we’ll have to wait and see to know for sure .. Because even Chief Lee seems questionable this episode and yet I can’t seem to pinpoint just what it is that seemed off with him.

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Firnlambe: I think the concept that he had to murder someone had a lot to do with him feeling off this week. He’s a Doctor, and murdering someone is totally against everything he is supposed to do. I would have been more disappointed in him if he just accepted the murder orders without question.

Wendilynn: Being on level 12 means that you are doing a bunch of rich snobs medical work. There is a reason the doctors on that level aren’t doing surgeries much. This was probably the closest he’s been to actual murder the whole time he’s been up there. I loved how he was spooked by her waking up to inform him that if the CEO was willing to kill her, he’d kill the Chief too, just to keep him quiet.

Firnlambe: I was suuuuper happy that she spooked him that way . . . way more than I probably should have been lol. The whole level 12 bit really is getting old to me though, I’m hoping that since Yeo Jin has now “died” we’ll be able to see her working behind the scenes more.

Wendilynn: Well, she’s technically dead now. He has to get back up there in time to revive her. Since her body was chilled before they gave her the potassium, theoretically, they’ve got 15 to 30 minutes to wake her back up before she gets brain damage. My tv medical drama knowledge may be sketchy on this exact point... hehehehe!

Firnlambe: I was wondering how they were going to work that angle . . . I thought it was weird that Head Nurse dropped her temperature, so that makes more sense. You’re TV medical drama knowledge may be sketchy, but it’s more than what I’ve got lol

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Wendilynn: lol. What I’m curious about is how Tae Hyun is going to play this. He is CLEARLY playing all sides against each other. I honestly don’t know who he and Yeo Jin plan to trust. And how is he going to come out of this fiasco alive. I don’t worry too much about him being shot. If he died, this would be a short drama. lol

Firnlambe: I absolutely love that he is playing all the angles. He’ll do whatever is necessary to save his sister, we know this, so seeing him try and assess which side has the most benefit for him is amusing. In terms of who they should trust. Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun can only really trust each other. I really liked that he spoke to her as a normal human being with less and less formality as time went on. Though if they don’t let the two of them have a happy ending at the end of all this, and Tae Hyun ends up dying--I shall be upset . . . . . just saying.

Caroline: Wouldn’t be the first time a drama kills off the lead.

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Wendilynn: I want Tae Hyun and his sister to end up with the happily ever after. The rest I have no emotional attachment to yet. I like that there isn’t a romance between Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin yet. I like the business partner feel to everything right now. Really, Yeo Jin can’t trust anyone. She knows Tae Hyun will drop everyone off a cliff if it will save his sister. HOWEVER, Tae Hyun as an innate goodness about him that I think she has picked up on, even if she can’t really trust it yet. When he saw her crying about how it was time for her to die. You could tell that she didn’t really expect Tae Hyun to be able to save her.

Caroline: He was determined to try anyway …. He has that “Superman” spirit, he just didn’t develop the love for Lois yet.

Firnlambe: I’ve said it before, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how they develop the romance in this drama. Particularly since it’s clearly not a driving factor yet. I have this crazy notion that Yeo Jin will meet the sister and get suuuper attached to her, which will--of course--cause Tae Hyun to become enamoured with her lol.

Wendilynn: That would be the key to Tae Hyun’s heart. 

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