Where is Kim Tae Hee? Kim's character, Han Yeo Jin, seems to be in a serene dream in the latest photos from an upcoming episode of Yong Pal. In the series of images, the fairytale forest looks like it came right out of a storybook, while Yeo Jin is wearing a lacy white sleeveless outfit. The last episode achieved high ratings again by leaving an incredible cliffhanger of Chief Lee performing surgery and declaring her dead. It also featured a scene with three men, including her older brother, having a heated fight over her.

An affiliate of the popular SBS series had this to say about the new stills: “The photos show Yeo Jin free from the hell-like hospital room and reflect her freedom. This is the beginning.”

The episode airs tomorrow in South Korea. What do you think happened to Yeo Jin? Is she dreaming or in heaven?

Catch up on the latest episode of Yong Pal below:

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