From the screenwriter of The Moon that Embraces the Sun and Kill Me, Heal Me, comes Chicago Typewriter (working title), a new tvN drama. Actor Yoo Ah In has an offer out for the lead, and actress Park Shin Hye was allegedly linked to the drama back in December 2016. The cast confirmation will have to come quick, as it is reportedly airing in March, following the conclusion of the new tvN drama debuting today (Feb. 3), Tomorrow With You.

Last December, reports surfaced that Park Shin Hye was courted to star in the new cable drama. At that time, her agency refuted the claims saying she had not received an official offer. Much excitement was given to this upcoming series due to these reports with it possibly starring one of today’s most-loved actresses. Now, more attention has been given to this project with reports stating that Yoo Ah In has officially been offered the starring role and is in discussion, but he is also considering other projects as well.

If early reports mentioning Park Shin Hye’s name alongside this series becomes true, it would be her next drama following Doctor Crush (2016). As for Yoo Ah In, this would be his follow-up to the 2015-2016 historical drama Six Flying Dragons, and, some are speculating, his last project before military enlistment.

As the title suggests, Chicago Typewriters is about writers, but, following a noticeable trend, with a quirky twist. According to, the story follows writers from the 1930s who are reincarnated into the modern day “as a best-selling writer in a slump, an anti-fan, and a ghostwriter.”

Another interesting reincarnation plotline, except this time set in the 1930s, and maybe with Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye? Count us in! What do you think about the possibility of these two actors starring alongside each other?

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