Draft evasion of the rich and the popular is a sensitive topic for Koreans. A day after the actor’s agency shared his bone tumor diagnosis, Yoo Ah In took the matter into his own hands. On Feb. 16, Yoo detailed his medical condition and promised to enlist as soon as he can.

This is the first time Yoo addressed his health problems and enlistment plans. He has been accused of trying to get a military exemption since 2013.

Yoo started off acknowledging the draft evasion claims and saying he now clearly understands the need for the details about his enlistment process to be transparent to the public.

In 2013, Yoo injured his right shoulder while filming Tough as Iron. In 2014, the injury got worse while filming another action film, Veteran. He started receiving rehabilitation treatments between projects with the intention to enlist on time (before 30) according to the letter. In 2015, he found out through an MRI that he had a Superior Labral tear from Anterior to Posterior (SLAP) and bone tumor on his shoulder. His doctor advised against enlistment. Later in 2015, he had another injury; His left collarbone fractured.

“I knew that male celebrities’ injuries and health problems are often misunderstood as a way for draft evasion. To avoid unnecessary controversy about my ongoing disease and the additional injury, I chose not to reveal the details to the public,” Yoo wrote. He received grade 7, which means a pending judgment, in two military entrance medical examinations in December 2015 and 2016.

Yoo continued, “sharing my health problems and the reason for postponing the enlistment is the best I can do right now. I regret my decision to stay silent to avoid controversy, which directly relates to the integrity of an actor in the Korean society.”

Yoo is convinced that the bone tumor will heal itself and he’ll be healthy enough to enlist in the end. He has until his 36th birthday to enlist.

Yoo then addressed the sentiments of the Koreans, saying, “I too am well aware of the disillusionment of the Korean citizens, watching the cases where the privileged and the popular avoided enlistment. We shouldn’t dessert the duty as a citizen while demanding more rights and better treatments.”

He apologized for his “unexpected disease and careless self-management, which led to additional health problems.”

“As is the case for everyone, my body is the dish to hold my soul, the wall to collide against the outside world, and the tool to express myself simultaneously," The actor said. "My injuries and health problems are my misfortune and not a tool for draft evasion. Personally I find it hard to repent my misfortune to the others, but I plan to accept it as an actor’s obligation to grow and achieve in the public eye.”

Yoo has been in the industry since he was 18, so we assume he's well aware of the industry’s ecosystem.

It may be that Korean netizens take strict measures on their beloved celebrities. Yesterday, T.O.P was accused of having it easy in the military for wearing a name tag on his left chest, when it was supposed to go on the right side. On Sunday, Moon Hee Joon apologized to his fans about a rumor at his wedding.

What do you think about Yoo Ah In’s military controversy and the heartfelt letter?

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