On February 15th, an announcement was made that the 30-year-old actor was told by doctors that they had found a tumor on one of his bones, which indefinitely will once again postpone his enlistment into the military. Citing privacy concerns, the information provided by his agency has so far been vague at most, leading to more questions than answers for the media and concerned fans alike.

"It's true he has a bone tumor. We cannot reveal how serious it is," read the announcement from Yoo Ah In's agency. "It's a sensitive situation concerning his personal life." A tumor found anywhere is indeed a serious matter, but fortunately, an agency source confirmed that the one found in one of Yoo's bones is fortunately benign. Having sustained a shoulder injury while on a film set in 2015, the actor's military service was postponed once before. And as a result of his most recent diagnosis, his enlistment has been put on hold again, with the Military Manpower Administration making a decision to monitor the situation. 

While most in the media and fans are showing concern for Yoo's health, some are questioning the timing of the announcement regarding his benign tumor, essentially accusing him of trying to evade his commitment to the country. Of course, his agency is vehemently denying these accusations, making it clear that the actor has always been looking forward to enlisting, and was prepared to do so as soon as he gets the all-clear. His next official physical is scheduled to take place in March. All fans can do is hope that everything works out for the best, and that the actor takes care of his health first and foremost, because ultimately, that's really all that matters.

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