Actor Yoo Ah In is always everything in any role he takes on. He’s just always so convincing whether he’s playing a Joseon era king, rebel, or modern-day Fashion King. Today he’s once again convincing us all with his latest role as the birthday boy! On October 6th, Yoo Ah In is 27 years old, and to celebrate we’ve gathered a bunch of photos of Yoo Ah In displaying his talents as a model. Just look at how convincing he is at being good looking and model-licious! ^_^

14. Yoo Ah In just has a really good face. His eyebrows, his lips, and not to mention that is a really good hair line o_0

13. SMH (-_-) As usual the K-Drama guy is standing in front of a window he can't even see out of because the blinds are CLOSED!

12. He's just being too much in this photo. The fur, the bed head, the eyeliner with the facial hair, and don't even get me started on the sexy defined cheekbones! Like I don't even know how I'm living right now looking at this photo.

11. I like his nose a lot. One thing I've always noticed about Yoo Ah In before anything else, is his nose.

10. Nerd Sexy for the win!

9. The burgundy hair color and the olive green jacket both look amazing on him. #YellAtMe

8. "Sup Girl. You like my thigh?"

7. I only see his beautiful neck and jaw line.

6. That coat has a lot of rope so obviously he would like it if someone kidnapped him. I'm only stating what I'm seeing!

5. Bite me instead. You know what? Don't even judge me because you're thinking the same thing and if you say you're not well then, you're just lying and you shouldn't live your life that way (-_-). #TeamBiteMeYooAhIn

4. He obviously want's all eyes on his mouth so you might as well just go right ahead and look.

3. Ugh his collar bones!!

2. Boyfriend Material!

1. Who on Earth knew zipping yourself up in a sleeping bag which transforms you into a giant caterpillar could be so darn attractive and cute?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE