Actor Yoo Ah In received the final verdict from the Korea's Military Manpower Association (MMA). On Tuesday, after four grueling medical examinations over the span of several years, the MMA gave Yoo a grade seven, a result that prevents him from enlisting in the army.

“Yoo Ah In is exempt from military duties because of a preexisting medical condition,” Yoo’s agency UAA shared, according to Sports Donga. “The agency will prioritize the actor’s health and support the treatment.”

Yoo has been suffering from osteosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer that requires surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation for treatment.

Back in February, the Veteran actor wrote a heartfelt letter concerning the enlistment and draft evasion accusation. In the letter, he detailed the injuries he has had: In 2013, Yoo hurt his right shoulder while filming Tough as Iron. In 2014, the injury got worse while filming another action film, Veteran. He started receiving rehabilitation treatments between projects with the intention to enlist on time (before he turns 30). In 2015, he discovered a Superior Labral tear from Anterior to Posterior (SLAP) and bone tumor on his shoulder. His doctor advised against enlistment. Later in 2015, he had another injury; His left collarbone fractured.

Another actor who tried hard to enlist but failed is Seo In Guk. Back in March, Seo was let go of his army base because of his medical condition. After a medical reexamination, they found he had an osteochondral lesion. He is no longer allowed to serve active duty.

Korean enlistment is quite a complicated system. You can read more about it here.

We hope you get better soon, Yoo Ah In!


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