yooahin2 Yoo Ah In seems to be quite fond of actress Kim Tae Hee, according to a recent interview with High Cut Magazine, where he dished out compliments to the actress. He told the reporters his thoughts on the ending of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love and on his on-screen romantic partner, Kim Tae Hee. Yoo Ah In said, "I really liked how she was so open-minded. Even if you are from a different background with different personality, if you are flexible and open-minded it's easier to work with. I was happy to be acting with her. She's the kind of person I would like to invite to a VIP preview." The charming actor also commented briefly on the two other women who helped in creating a fuller story-line, "As opposed to Kim Tae Hee nuna who I meshed well with, I really despised Hong Soo Hyun and Han Seung Yun in the drama to the point where I felt bad. There were many scenes where I had to hold her (Kim Tae Hee) hands;  she was an actress you find fond of even after holding hands once." (Source: Nate)