Yoo Ah In is the hottest young actor right now with his new drama Six Flying Dragons winning double-digit ratings and new film Veteran being a huge box-office hit in Korea. He was also the first solo male cover on Vogue Korea. Naturally, fans want to know what the warmhearted actor thinks about dating and marriage. Here's what he says...

At the 2015 Busan International Film Festival, Yoo Ah In participated in "Open Talk," hosted by the Movie Writers' Association of Korea. The outdoor event held in the BIFF Village at Haeundae was crowded with fans who seemed to be there just for Yoo Ah In.

During the talk session, one fangirl stood up to ask, "Oppa, are you going to get married?"

Yoo Ah In wasn't shy about replying as he said, "I think I've always wanted to get married."

He added, “I want to have a son that looks just like me,” and explained that he once saw a father with his adorable son riding on his shoulders.

Aww... that's so sweet.

But, who would be the ideal type for Yoo Ah In? For that answer, we have to go back to a November 2011 interview. 

He described his dating experience with this comment, "A past girlfriend used to go back and forth from being uptight and being relaxed. I felt a certain charm in that and wanted her more.”

For the future, Yoo Ah In would like to be in a relationship in which he can give his whole heart.

So, that sounds like he will give his whole heart to a girl who can keep his full interest. 

In the meantime, Yoo Ah In is reuniting with actress Shin Se Kyung for the long anticipated historical Six Flying Dragons. Will he win her heart and the Joseon kingdom?

Watch the first episode now:

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