The competition at the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards was fierce. Yoo Ah In was head to head against some of the best actors in Korean films, including Song Kang Ho, who played his king father in the same movie, The Throne. It was a moment of shining glory, therefore, for the younger actor who has seen his star rise high in the sky in 2015.

It certainly helped that Yoo Ah In wasn't competing against himself. He was nominated only for The Throne at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, as compared to being nominated for two different movies (Veteran and The Throne) at the Grand Bell (Daejong) Awards where Hwang Jung Min won for Ode To My Father. This time, he faced Hwang Jung Min again along with other award-winning actors Song Kang Ho (The Throne)Lee Jung Jae (Assassination), and Jung Jae Young (Right Now, Wrong Then).

But on the night of November 26 at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, it was Yoo Ah In who was crowned the new king with his Best Actor win. He won the coveted award for his role as Crown Prince Sado, a tragic and controversial figure in Joseon Korea's history. Sado never became king because he was killed by his own father's command. 

When Yoo Ah In accepted the Best Actor award, he humbly said, “I’m more embarrassed than happy.” It was also a touching moment when he and Song Kang Ho hugged.

The 29-year-old Yoo Ah In is the second-youngest actor to win the award, next to Lee Jung Jae, who won at the age of 27 for City of the Rising Sun and who was among this year's Best Actor nominees.

The charismatic young actor isn't done yet in his march to become one of the most notable rising actors of 2015. In addition to the two acclaimed movies which are also box-office hits, he is currently starring in TV historical drama series Six Flying Dragons with an impressive performance playing Lee Bang Won, who would overcome opposition to become a most powerful Joseon king.

There were other winners at the Blue Dragon Film Awards:

Assassination won Best Movie. The Veteran's Roo Seung Won won Best Director. Lee Jung Hyun won Best Actress for Alice in Earnestland. Oh Dal Su won Best Supporting Actor for Ode to My Father. Jeon Hye Jin won Best Supporting Actress for The Throne. Choi Woo Shik won Best New Actor for the movie Set Me Free, and Lee Yoo Young won Best New Actress for The Treacherous.

(HERE is the complete list.)

Congratulations to Yoo Ah In and all the other winners at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. 

I hope we'll get to see some of the winning movies on DramaFever.

Watch Yoo Ah In's compelling performance in the historical series Six Flying Dragons:

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