Actor Yoo Ah In was recently photographed at Burberrys Art of the Trench Seoul event covered in hearts. Wearing a somewhat dark burgundy colored sweater decorated in white hearts, Yoo Ah In looked “loving.” He also wore navy blue dress pants that, of course, were short enough to show off his bare ankles (-_-) and draw attention to his crazy cleated-looking brown shoes.

I actually think he looks cute in all the hearts but then the outfit just starts to look quirky because of the pant length, exaggerated soles of the shoes, and his poses! Look at the way he’s standing! Why is he standing at a mega lean?! His hearts must be heavy (har, har, har). It reminds me of those moments when you stand in front of the mirror in a new outfit and strike a “runway pose.” That’s the only time that lean is acceptable because Yoo Ah In has proven with these photos that it just doesn't work in real life. #YooAhInPleaseStopLEANING

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE