With fame comes many wonderful perks, but some things also become more difficult...and being recognized everywhere you go is not always a good thing. Close friends Yoo In Na and Lee Ji Eun (IU) recently took a vacation in search of fun and relaxation. While the two friends vacationed both in Jeju Island and in the United States, it seems that they had two very different experiences! Keep reading to find out just what vacationing in America was like for the two Korean stars!

In Korea, for mega stars Yoo In Na and Lee Ji Eun (IU) traveling can be very difficult. Whether in Seoul or Jeju Island, there is no way that the two stars would not be recognized and inconvenienced. However, it seems that traveling in America was a different and refreshing experience. 

Rather, while visiting America for a relaxing vacation, Yoo In Na and IU confessed that they were sometimes mistaken for elementary and middle school students. Yoo In Na commented,

"It's really convenient traveling with IU. In America, everyone just sees me as the older middle school sister and IU as my younger elementary sister."

The two mega stars also revealed that they enjoyed America because they could travel comfortably as many Americans didn't know they were celebrities.

It must have been nice for the two stars to have a relaxing time without being bothered! 

Do you think you would recognize Yoo In Na or IU if you saw them here in America? Do you think they look like middle and elementary school girls? Let us know below. 


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