Yoo In Na won accolades for her performance in the extremely popular Goblin, including the Best Supporting Actress award from DramaFever.. The beautiful actress is now ready to return to TV dramaland. Let's find out more.

It seem strange not to have seen Yoo In Na in a new drama already after Goblin, and the only new project since then is a dating reality show called Cafe Amor. When asked about her plans earlier in January. the actress explained:

“In 2017, I turned down a lot of projects. The responsibility of being a lead role was too heavy for me at the time and I wasn’t completely confident that I would be able to take on the roles. I think I was scared of ruining the hard work that scriptwriters had put into their work. This year, I will be more active, regardless of the size of the role. I’m going to be more courageous and I hope I’ll be able to work on projects that I can have great synergy with. My goal is to be satisfied with what I’ve done at the end of the year. I hope I can be proud of myself when 2018 ends.”

Well, good news is coming, fans!

Yoo In Na has just received an offer to star in "Hitting on the Blind Boss" (literal translation).

The new drama is about a secretary who falls in love with her boss, Dominic, who is inflicted with facial recognition disorder. Either by chance or design, the secretary would pretend to be an heiress during a blind date with her boss. Romance blooms!

Yoo In Na, if she decides to star in the new drama, would play Jung Gal Hee, the secretary.

While Yoo In Na is reviewing the offer, her best friend IU is currently starring in My Mister.


My Mister

Starring Lee Sun Gyun and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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Fans, are you excited to see Yoo In Na in the new romantic drama? Who would you like to be her new leading man?

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