Yoo In Na (You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin) recently discussed her failure at becoming an idol prior to becoming an actress. She explained that at a young age she wanted to be a “Rock Star” and naturally joined an agency when she was 16 in hopes of making her dream a reality. But things didn’t really go as planned, and 11 years and 5 different agencies later, she found herself working harder than ever. Unfortunately, not having been born with the “gift of dance” she was practicing for up to 8 hours a day yet couldn’t remember all that choreography!

After some careful consideration she joined YG Entertainment as an “apprentice actress” and that’s when things started picking up! She’s since starred in various dramas including Queen In Hyuns Man, and as the super cute best friend to Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden.

I really like Yoo In Na, I think she’s cute and she even gives good advice. During the interview, she said in regards to having debuted at the older age of 27 (now she’s 31) "Even a compass, which is supposed to tell you which direction to go, wobbles before it finds its true course. I hope young people aren't too scared of facing the wobbles along the way, because they're a natural part of the journey."

I really hope she stars in another drama soon!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE